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CJSF Celebrates Two Launch Events!

It's Time for a New Day - Education Anew!

Education Anew is the Communities for Just Schools Fund's recently completed strategic plan, a roadmap for CJSF's support of the movement for education justice. Our four-pillar strategy to Fund, Build, Connect, and Lead will help grassroots organizers continue to pressure and partner with systems of education to create safe, healthy, and equitable learning environments for all students and particularly for students of color nationwide. That is systemic change that requires youth, parent, and teacher-led perspectives and voice.

Check out pictures and the Storify from the October 6 Education Anew launch event, which Google graciously hosted in their NYC offices. Susan L. Taylor formerly of Essence magazine, Sherrie Deans of the NBA Players Foundation, and youth warrior Niya Kenny joined us as we partied and learned and prepared for a new future together.

In another launch event, the Communities for Just Schools Fund co-hosted #ClassroomsRising, a critical conversation on racism and education, on October 23 with the Dignity in Schools Campaign in New Orleans. This ongoing national conversation on race and racism in the system of education will help organizers and their communities to fully and finally dismantle the system of white supremacy that continues to hinder Black and Brown children in their academic and life development. Local NOLA organizers and artists opened the day on 10/23 by centering us in history before CJSF partner, Rethink, led us through facilitated conversation about racism and education. David Banner joined us to close the day.

Enjoy these pictures from the event and stay tuned for information about how the long-term project will unfold.


Allison Brown

Executive Director

Communities for Just Schools Fund

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