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CJSF Community Partners

CJSF’s partner network of bold, visionary leaders have constantly been on the edge of innovative ideas and solutions defining the future of just and liberatory education. Through multi-pronged organizing and advocacy, our partners engage youth, parents, educators, and community members from all backgrounds to collaboratively create spaces and policies that not only safeguard the rights of Black, Brown, LGBTQ+ students, but deeply affirm their experiences, wisdom, and lived experiences.

Partner Categories:
General Cohorts

Locally-rooted grassroots organizing groups are the majority of our 80-partner network.


Partners in this category are national movement networks, convenor groups and research partners.


Support to existing partners or new partners facing unanticipated threats or opportunities. Responsiveness grants sometimes allow us to provide financial support to a new group before we can make a larger, sustained commitment.

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