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June Newsletter: Communities of Power - Uplifting Resilience

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

This June, news cycles have been filled with very public discourse about the ways in which students of color, immigrant children, LGBTQ and gender nonconforming youth are fighting for their most basic human and civil rights. The same zero tolerance that invaded our schools decades ago is being implemented along our borders and in our communities in heightened and harmful ways. We are caging families coming here seeking asylum just like we cage students of color and their peers for what is so often normal childhood behavior in school.

On this month’s SchoolHouse: Equity in Education podcast, I interviewed Ricardo Martinez of Padres y Jovenes Unidos and Erika Almiron from Vamos Juntos. We discussed the school to deportation pipeline and quickly connected the dots to the school to prison pipeline and our nation's addiction to caging people. These pipelines away from success may have distinct names, but they are so entwined - a 13-year old arrested for a minor fistfight, held by local police for days because he did not have a social security card, and then actively threatened with deportation by ICE.

Read full newsletter here!

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