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CJSF Annual Partner Meeting

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

On April 26, 2018, CJSF convened a partner meeting in Minneapolis, MN aligned with the Dignity in Schools Campaign annual gathering. This meeting was an opportunity for CJSF partners to come together for a day filled with deep strategy and relationship building across our diverse geographic network of 50 partners in 19 states. Topics explored during this meeting included: (1) organizing for police-free schools; and (2) electoral strategies for education justice. Jonathan Stith and youth members from the Alliance for Educational Justice led partners through a dynamic, interactive school-to-prison pipeline people's timeline that explored the history of police in schools in the U.S. and the powerful organizing that young people have engaged in throughout the course of history to fight for truly just schools. Neva Walker of Coleman Advocates led a session that explored the current civic engagement and voter education landscape among the CJSF partner network and ways that groups can double down to make education justice a priority for local school board and city elections in November 2018.

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