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Position Summary

CJSF seeks to create a Strategic Community – a community of practice focused on fostering conversations about and making connections between holistic safety and social-emotional learning (SEL) in schools. In this instance, the community of practice’s practitioners are education justice organizers from CJSF’s partner network – practitioners whose lived experiences as students, family members, and educators in public schools form one part of the rich, deep expertise they individually and collectively offer through their organizing praxis. 

Drawing upon shared organizing frameworks and their aligned demands for a more equitable and holistic approach to safety and social-emotional learning in public education, the members of the community of practice will: 

  • share learning, resources and strategies in order to deepen their individual and collective knowledge about the cultural relevancy and responsiveness of existing safety and social-emotional learning policies and practices, 

  • seek to identify gaps and strengths in these policies and practices, 

  • compile a directory of local trainers/practitioners of culturally responsive SEL practices – with an emphasis on identifying and elevating restorative justice practitioners who emphasize culturally responsive approaches through collaboration with the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC), and 

  • build upon the Strategic Community’s conversations and research to engage a broad cross-section of stakeholders in the development of resources such as a roadmap for creating good policy or model policies that acknowledge that safety must be an embedded component of supporting effective social-emotional learning – especially for youth of color, LGBTQ youth, and those who live at the intersections of identities. 

Urgency drives this work. Allowing the further entrenchment of policies and practices that fly in the face of emotional and physical safety for students of color and too many of their peers – the arming of teachers, hardening of schools, increasing investments in police infrastructure – will push us in the wrong direction as a nation. This is a zero-sum game. With “limited resources” as an all too often sung refrain, we must ensure that policies and practices align around what it means to not just invest in a bare bones version of safety focused on the most extreme active shooter scenarios and referrals to external mental health providers for those identified as a “risk” but rather to address the most fundamental and consistent times in which students do not feel safe or welcomed in their schools – which for many students of color, is every day.

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